Getting Stuff Cheap: FAQ Week Part 1

We’ve been inundated with questions about Nowcado (get it for Android or iOS) that we wanted to address this week. To start, we thought we would answer a popular one about adding the products you buy to our service so that we can better optimize your shopping trip.

Q: Oh noes! I searched for an item in Nowcado and found that the price was wrong. I want to help!
A: Fear not, eagle-eyed shopper! All the prices are crowdsourced, so you simply must click on the store where the price was wrong from the item page, change the price in the textbox, and submit.

Q: That’s awesome! How do I add new items to Nowcado?
A: There are two ways to do this.

  • If the product already exists at some other store, you can:
    1. Search for it.
    2. Click the “Add to other store” button to add a price at a new store (or add the store if we don’t have it listed).
  • Whether the product exists or not, you can also:
    1. Click the “Add Item” menu button to select the store where the item is sold (or add the store if we don’t have it listed).
    2. Scan the barcode of the product. If the product exists in our database, the name will be retrieved, but otherwise you may enter it.
    3. Enter the price and submit it to our database.

Q: Must I scan the item in the store? I am nervous about doing this.
A: Although we have done a fair bit of this ourselves, we do not recommend this approach. The best way is to not change your shopping habits at all! When you return from your shopping run, simply scan the barcodes of the products you bought using the prices listed on your receipt.


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