Optimizing Your Life: FAQ Week Part 3

Many of you were wondering why you may want a user account for Nowcado (get it for Android or iOS), and what is involved with making one.

Q: Why do I need to make an account?
A: Essentially, it lets you unleash the power of Nowcado. Our cart feature that optimizes your shopping trip is tied to your account, as you may be familiar with on other shopping websites. We also have some exciting new features in the works that will be tied to your account.

Q: How do I make an account?
A: There are two ways to do this, though we have plans to support additional account creation/sign in methods besides these in the future.

  1. If you sign in with Facebook, we use your email address in order to automagically create a Nowcado account for you (the email is required as we use it for things such as notifying you about changes to your account or sending you a shopping trip – we will never spam you or share these addresses with anyone).
  2. You can create a traditional account by signing up with your email address and a username, confirming your email address, and then signing in with it in the app.

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