Protecting My Privacy: FAQ Week Part 4

You probably want to know how Nowcado (get it for Android or iOS) is bravely battling the evil and malicious spammers and data-hoarders.

Q: I don’t want to send any details or activity about myself to Facebook (or any other mega corporation). How is Nowcado protecting me in this dangerous world?
A: We know how important your online privacy is, and we are doing a number of things in this area.

  1. We never send any information or activity to any network in any way. When you log in, we only retrieve the email address and username on file with that network, but we don’t receive anything else.
  2. While you are signed in, we do not interact with any network ever again. As proof of this, you could try disallowing Nowcado from your Facebook or other network account and see that we continue to function perfectly (unless you sign out and try to sign back in again – which is the only reason we don’t recommend disallowing Nowcado permanently).
  3. You can learn more about how the actual sign in process works on Facebook by referring to our previous post here.

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