Getting EVERYTHING Cheap: FAQ Week Part 5

A lot of you have expressed interest in the idea of optimizing your shopping trip or doing local comparison shopping, but either don’t buy alcohol or don’t buy it as frequently as other things. Today we will briefly discuss some of the vision we have for Nowcado (get it for Android or iOS).

Q: I don’t buy liquor often, but I really like the idea of optimizing my grocery/clothing/bicycle/action figure/portal gun shopping trip. What are you planning on doing to help me?
A: While we are starting with a niche of liquor stores, we would like to eventually expand into other areas so that we can optimize all of your shopping trips to help save you time and money.

Q: I am an app developer and would love to make an app or website that helps my users shop for <insert thing I care about here>. Do you expose an API that I can use to leverage your optimization analysis?
A: It isn’t publicly visible just yet, but yes, all of our products implement an API right now. We are in the process of adding documentation so that it is more accessible for other developers. If you fall in to this category, please contact us!

Q: I like finding the best deals about products, but I don’t like that you make me do work to enter new things in. Will this get easier in the future?
A: We will likely always have a crowd-sourced component to our service, but we hope to partner with stores so that we can retrieve their product information directly. You can help make this happen by encouraging your favorite local stores to come talk to us!


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