You Tell Us! Nowcado’s Next Big Feature

There are a lot of new features we plan on tackling in the near future, many of which have already come from our users. We wanted to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on how we prioritize these features. Here are the current top candidates:

1) Browsing for products by sub-department (e.g. “Show me all vodka” then “Show me all potato-based vodka” then “Show me all Russian potato-based vodka” etc.)
2) Support for item and store reviews and item images on mobile apps (mobile feature-parity)
3) Support adding new items from website (desktop feature-parity)
4) Optimize cart by item ratings
5) Support multiple favorites lists for later viewing (not the cart)
6) Show stores near you on the map
7) Well-documented API

Also feel free to insert your favorite other feature request here!


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