Elasticsearch Service Wrapper

We know a few of you technical people have forayed in to the mystical land that is #elasticsearch. As we have been using it for some time, we thought we would share a few tricks we have found along the way.

For starters, we found a great service wrapper that can monitor your elasticsearch nodes. Install as follows:

1) Download the latest version of elasticsearch (e.g. wget https://download.elasticsearch.org/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-1.1.0.tar.gz -O elasticsearch.tar.gz)
2) Unzip it and move it to a directory of your choosing (e.g. /usr/local/share in our example below)
3) Install the ES service wrapper:

4) Edit /usr/local/share/elasticsearch/bin/service/elasticsearch.conf, and set the ES_HOME to /usr/local/share/elasticsearch and ES_HEAP_SIZE to the amount of memory you want ES to consume
5) Install the service: /usr/local/share/elasticsearch/bin/service/elasticsearch install
6) Kick the service off: service elasticsearch start

Now your elasticsearch cluster is like any other linux service and can be monitored accordingly, and is also wrapped with the Java Service Wrapper ensuring the memory consumption of ES does not fall out of bounds.


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