National Tell A Story Day

As today is National #TellAStory Day, we have written a short story – enjoy!

A long time ago in a college town far, far away…

War on Univosia! The rebel Shoperians and imperial Rotsians are caught in a firefight in the neutral zone. Upset by the devastation caused to their home turf, the local and impartial Lartunes have no choice but to take action.

The leader of the rebels (Simon) meets with the head of the Lartune collective (Neil)…

Simon: We come to convince you to join our cause.
Neil: What cause is that?
Simon: The greatest cause – ending the tyranny and oppression that the Rotsians have forced upon us. We are unable to decide for ourselves any aspect of our lives, but must instead live by their code, even when it conflicts with our own.
Neil: I sympathize with your plight, but we are a small group here and don’t have much to offer in way of reinforcements.
Simon: I understand. We are hoping for any assistance that you might be able to provide, though, as your people are known for inventing clever solutions to tricky problems.
Neil: I will discuss with the other members of the collective to see if we might develop some solution to your problem.

The next day, they meet again.

Neil: We think we have an idea how we might save your people and avoid needless bloodshed in the process. We will meet with the Rotsian Council and devise a system that disallows them from controlling you, yet at the same time makes them happy so they have no reason to fight.
Simon: I cannot imagine them agreeing to any such deal. Rotsians want nothing more than total power over all things.
Neil: We do not believe that to be true. What they actually want is much simpler – to sustain themselves, just as you do. Give us time with the Council. We are confident they will come to our way of understanding and leave you alone.
Simon: As you wish.

Neil goes to meet with the Council and lays out the Lartunes’ plan, codenamed “Nowcado.” He describes a system where the Rotsians can still oversee the security of the planet, yet have no ability to totally control it, nor to spy on every citizen. The Shoperians can further gain additional data on the Rotsians as they see fit. The Rotsians seem hesitant at first to the power being granted to the Shoperians, but agree that this solution will prevent further rebel attacks and still satisfy their core goal of securing Univosia.

Shortly after, an ambassador of the Council and Simon meet to work out the terms of the new world order, and Univosia enters into a new golden age.


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