Charcoal Grilled Pizza

#Grilling is great for #pizza because it requires very high heat – one of the most important factors when making pizza. Here is a simple way to make great grilled pizzas on your charcoal grill.

1) Get your ingredients (use for the best deals!) ready as you will need to work quickly. Pick toppings like cheeses, sauces, meats and vegetables and have them all ready to go by your grill.
a) If you want to use any vegetables or cured meats as toppings, you may want to par-cook them prior to putting on the pie. Simply grill by themselves prior to continuing to the next steps.
2) Use your favorite dough recipe and roll the dough out by hand into a round shape. Cover with light coating of olive oil and hint of salt and pepper.
3) Get your grill hot and put the dough over the hot coals, oil side down. Rotate every 15 seconds. You can optionally flatten the largest bubbles if you like. While it cooks, lightly oil the top side.
4) Flip the dough when the bottom is cooked (it will happen fast!) and move it to the cool side of the grill. Top quickly with not too much cheese (about 2 oz cheese for a 12 inch pizza) first, then dot with sauce, and add any other toppings last. If you want the cheese extra melted, cover the grill and cook for 30 seconds now.
5) Move the pizza over to the hot charcoal side and finish cooking, rotating as with the first side.
6) Remove from grill, slice, and enjoy!



One thought on “Charcoal Grilled Pizza

  1. Lol, loved the bubbles on the top! 🙂

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