#Burger Tips

Here are a few tips from Nowcado for making better burgers as you #grill this #summer.

  1. Grind your own beef – besides the fact that you can choose the quality (e.g. age, cut, handling of meat, etc.) of your food, you can have complete control over things like fat content and grind size.
  2. Keep the meat cold until you cook it so that the fat stays in the meat.
  3. Carefully weigh patties to ensure consistency.
  4. Using our earlier meat cooking guideline, use a thermometer to be sure you get the meat to your desired level of cooking.
  5. Season well with salt and pepper, but only at the last minute. If you do it too much earlier, the salt will dissolve muscle proteins and you will lose the nice, crumbly texture that you expect from your burger.
  6. Flip the burger often so that you cook it evenly (up to once every 15 seconds).
  7. Don’t play with the patty much besides flipping it (unless smashing in the beginning). Also, don’t add anything (e.g. onions, eggs, breadcrumbs, etc) to the meat besides a few seasonings – you can add toppings later.
  8. Pick a bun that doesn’t have too tough of a crust. You can toast it, but want a soft interior.
  9. Top with anything you like, such as the chili recipe we described earlier.


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