Predecessors of the people we know as the #Polynesians found breadfruit trees growing in New Guinea approximately 3,500 years ago. The Polynesians gave up rice cultivation in favor of growing the hearty fruit and took the seeds with them as they migrated across the Pacific. The breadfruit is embedded in Polynesian culture, so it is no wonder that it has its own legend:

The war god Ku decided to live among mortals as a farmer. He took a wife and children, and together they lived happily until famine struck their community. Grieved by his family’s hunger, Ku told his wife that he could end their suffering, but he would have to leave them to do so. His wife agreed and immediately the war god descended into the ground until only the top of his head was showing. His family stayed by the spot, watering the ground with their tears, until suddenly a green shoot appeared and grew into a tall tree covered in heavy breadfruits. The grateful community ate the breadfruits and thus the famine was ended.

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