Nowcado Update: Adding New Items

It is now possible to add new items on just like on the mobile apps. On the website, however, you can add multiple items as easily as you might edit an Excel table. First you hit the + in the upper right of the screen next to your cart. Then you select a store (exactly as you would when adding an item to a different store from an item’s detail page), and finally you enter in your data for that store:Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 5.50.47 PM


You must enter an item name and price, and can optionally also add an image and barcode for the item. Names are autocompleted based on other products already in the Nowcado database, along with existing pictures and barcodes, if available. You might even find that in some cases, an item has a price already if that product is currently in our system for that store. You can use this form to set all of these attributes!


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