OLW: Detect Browser Version

#Javascript to detect browsers like #Firefox, #Chrome, #Safari, #InternetExplorer or #Opera can be incredibly useful. We looked around and saw inconsistent results with many implementations, but this one line native implementation slightly modified from StackOverflow proved to be both accurate and fast.

var u=navigator.userAgent, t, m=u.match(/(opera|chrome|safari|firefox|msie|trident(?=\/))\/?\s*(\d+)/i) || []; if(/trident/i.test(m[1])){t=/\brv[ :]+(\d+)/g.exec(u) || []; 'IE '+(t[1] || '')} else if(m[1]==='Chrome' && (t=u.match(/\bOPR\/(\d+)/))!=null){'Opera '+t[1]} else { m=m[2]? [m[1],m[2]]: [navigator.appName, navigator.appVersion, '-?']; if((t= u.match(/version\/(\d+)/i))!= null) m.splice(1, 1, t[1]); m.join(' ')}

Use it when you need to handle browser-specific bugs in any way, or if you want to provide a different experience to users on different browsers.

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