Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: 15 Sq Ft #Cooking

Since we’ve moved to #SanFrancisco, the Nowcado team has been living in a very tiny space. The entire kitchenette is literally only big enough for one person to stand in a corner. Needless to say, not for the claustrophobic:
And yes, we have to fit all our refrigerated food in a mini-fridge.
Initial attempts to open the oven proved unsuccessful – D’oh, that’s a wall…


Oh well, its not like we have oven mitts anyway.

Despite what may be considered a significant handicap, we were undeterred in our culinary efforts and were able to produce some great tasting (and looking) locally-sourced, fresh meals this week.  Because space is so limited, we’ve had to stick with recipes that have a relatively low number of ingredients.  On top of that, as you can see, we have only one pan, one itsy-bitsy pot, one knife, zero silverware (huzzah for plastic cutlery from local restaurants), limited dishes, and no kitchen appliances apart from a microwave and questionably-accessible oven.

It can’t be done, you say?  Well, we’re about to prove it to you.  We’ll be showing you some of those meals in the coming days, complete with recipes, and you may be surprised at their sophistication.  Check out our last salmon with olive caper relish post to see what we mean.

As we are a cash-strapped, super-busy start-up, we’ve been using Nowcado to direct us to the quickest trip that will get us every ingredient required for our meals, while minimizing the overall cost.  The meals have to have relatively short prep times so that we can devote more time to improving Nowcado for you (and us).

We hope this series makes you realize how much you can do, no matter how little you may have.  So ignore all those microwave dinners and forget the Chinese take-out – you can do better.  Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Tiny Kitchen, Culinary Mission.



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