Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: Chopping #Veggies with No Elbow Room

The next featured #meal is garden #penne with stir-fried vegetables and fresh mozzarella, another beautiful and tasty meal easy enough to make in our tiny kitchenette.  The recipe calls for a lot of vegetable chopping, though, so there are a few tips that can help you manage limited cutting board space.

Make sure for each type of vegetable you cut, you can push the chopped segments over to a side where they are out of the way.  Then rotate the cutting board so that you have easy access to a free section for the next vegetable, without contorting your arms or attempting risky knife maneuvers.

You probably want to do any fruits and juicier produce like tomatoes or olives last, since the juice will spread and become messier the more you adjust the cutting board.  I’ve also found that the juice invariably ends up creeping onto your remaining cutting surface, and its no fun trying to grapple with slippery surfaces, vegetables and hands when you’ve got a sharp knife.

If you’ve managed not to separate any of your fingertips or nails from their appropriate place, you could end up with a board looking like this:perfectly chopped veggies

Along with the vegetables, our garden penne meal uses a lot of spices mixed in once we started stir frying, so here you can see we also happened to add plenty of oregano, salt and pepper on top of the wet tomatoes, just so we could dump it all in at once and begin mixing it up with the olive oil right away.


One thought on “Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: Chopping #Veggies with No Elbow Room

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