Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #Stirfry Tips

Often times after finishing a week of recipes, you may find that you have a few left over ingredients. The key to not be wasteful is to take those ingredients and turn them into something new. The best recipes to have on hand are those that are so malleable, you can throw almost anything into them and they work.

Stews and chili are some great examples of what you can do by combining ingredients together, but one that is sometimes overlooked is stirfries. You can make almost any kind of sauce over any kind of protein and vegetables. You can top it over bread, rice, or noodles. You can mix in spicy, sweet, sour, or any other flavors, and it just works. Unlike stews and chilis, stirfrying is incredibly fast to make as well.

With the ingredients left over from this previous week, I had a veritable treasure trove of culinary excellence on my hands. The key thing here is ensuring the ingredients blend well together, and knowing some basic tips when stirfrying.


These are general stirfry guidelines.

  1. Heat up some oil at a very high temperature in a wok or tall pan. Stirfrying is done at high temperatures for a short amount of time.
  2. Once the oil is hot enough (splash of water sizzles), throw in your protein until it is crispy as you would like.
  3. Next add the veggies and sauce/spices. If you have garlic or onions, you may want to do them first until they brown or get translucent. The same goes for toasted ingredients like peanuts or sesame seeds.
  4. Stir constantly over the high heat, and in only a few minutes it should be ready.

I would also recommend either having the base you are serving your stirfry over (e.g. rice, bread, noodles) either finished or cooking simultaneously so everything is hot and ready to go at the same time.


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