Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #Stirfry #Leftovers

Here are a few tips on picking the ingredients that go into your stirfry.


Pick a protein source for your stirfry. Tofu or chicken are pretty popular, but in San Francisco it’s pretty hard to beat the quality of fresh fish, so salmon is a great choice. Dry out your meat as much as possible using paper towels, because you want to get a crunchy exterior which only happens when things are dry.

Another trick I do to up the crispy-ante is to either dip the protein source in a batter, or simply dust thoroughly with corn starch.


Really, almost any veggies will work. Old standbys like onions, peppers, and mushrooms are great to start with. Even fruit can work! Try things like mango or pineapple, and be amazed how it affects the flavor. Again, try to pick flavors you will like and can work well together by tasting them at the same time.


The spices and sauce often will make or break your stirfry. The best advice I have is to mix different ingredients that you think will work well together, and taste as you go. I like cumin, sugar or honey, cayenne pepper and oregano, as well as some kind of salty/liquid base like soy sauce or fish sauce. Be careful not to add too much sauce as your stirfry can go over-salty very quickly. Also try to not over-complicate your spice/sauce mix, or else you may drown out most of the flavors you are adding.


Once you have finished stirfrying, you may want to add in extra layers of cultural flair. For example, pushing things to the side and frying an egg and then mixing it in. Another common one is bean sprouts, green onions, and peanuts or cashews thrown in at the end and only lightly crisped. All of these things can definitely add another layer to your dish, but try to pick and choose carefully. You don’t want to mix so many flavors that you drown out what made it work in the first place.


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