Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #Caramelizing #Onions

Caramelizing onions like you might do in #FrenchOnionSoup is a slow process, but a really simple one. The idea is simple: cook onions slowly for a really long time until they turn sweet and brown, without letting them burn in the process.

The great thing is that these caramelized onions can be used for lots of recipes. They are great as the base for a rich soup, as a spread for sweet and savory sandwiches, as a topping on burgers, or even as the base for a curry.

First you need to dice your onions. The easy way is to slice the onion in half from pole to pole, then remove the skin, and chop off the ends. To dice, take each peeled onion half and chop pole to pole, then chop lengthwise and the onion will fall apart into diced portions after that.

Next heat up a pan over medium-high with some oil – about 3 tbsp per onion. Once a splash of water sizzles, add the onion pieces to the pan.IMG_20140901_205107Then keep the temperature stable and constantly stir so that the onions do not burn on any one part but cook evenly.IMG_20140901_205316Keep cooking until they are brown all over, adding water if necessary to keep from burning.IMG_20140901_205805Cook, cook, and cook some more. It should take about 20 minutes altogether before they are ready.IMG_20140901_210325That’s all there is to it! What you end up with are sweet, dark onions that you can use in many recipes. Tell us your favorite uses for them!






One thought on “Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #Caramelizing #Onions

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