Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: #Tartar #Sauce

Most of us have tartar sauce with fish and chips, and in some areas of the country on hushpuppies or other fried foods. Making a fresh tartar sauce, though, is something that most people don’t consider, simply opting for whatever can be bought in a bottle from a store.

That’s a shame, because fresh tartar sauce where you can control all of the ingredients is so much better. For a decent sized batch, start with one cup of mayonnaise.

Next chop up about 1 tbsp of capers. These will add a rich, savory saltiness to the tartar sauce as well as provide a bit of color and texture. IMG_20140911_190529One of the other main parts of tartar sauce is the pickles. The selected pickles should be salty, tangy, crisp and with a good texture. Cornichons are a great option that meets that criteria. Chop up about 6 of them (they are tiny!) in 1/4 lengthwise, then chop across until you end up with tiny pickle pieces.

To add a bit of a twist (and some green) we used fresh parsley. Simply roll it up like a cigar and chop it from one side to the other, only going over an area one time.IMG_20140911_191234Finally add the parsley, as well as about 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a dash of your favorite hot sauce for some heat.IMG_20140911_191437Stir everything up, and that’s it! You can definitely taste the difference over store bought. Let us know if you come up with any new and creative ways of using it.



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