Tiny #Kitchen, #Culinary Mission: Preserving #Basil

Even with a tiny space, we are fortunate enough to have a little storage space so we don’t need to go shopping every single day. Part of that means knowing how to properly store your food. We know that basil can go bad pretty quickly in general, and the cold from the refrigerator doesn’t really help, though leaving it out flat on the counter isn’t great for its shelf life, either.

We did learn of a cool new trick, though, that can extend the life of your basil to about a week. If you chop off the stems for the basil and put it in a pot of water, the basil can better absorb that water and last longer. You can also put a bag on top to help trap moisture further. However, you do want the basil to be able to breathe so that the ethylene gas which wilts leafy greens can escape, so leave some space at the bottom for air to get in.IMG_20140915_205936


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