#Exploratorium Excursion

We went to the #SanFrancisco Exploratorium yesterday for their monthly After Dark event for the 18+ crowd in the evening. IMG_20141002_174834Almost immediately upon entering, the learning began. To emphasize the source of water for both the toilets and drinking fountains were the same, a drinking toilet is placed right next to the water fountain that you can drink from. They admit this is a bit of a social experiment as well – can you convince yourself to drink from the toilet even knowing it has never been used for anything except as a drinking fountain? Interestingly, most people still opt for the regular fountain.IMG_20141002_181450There were tons of exhibits and activities going on throughout the night, and we cannot possibly capture them all here, but here are a few of the highlights.

This is an action shot of pinheads that were vibrating to create a shape:IMG_20141002_182357


This is an action shot of still Batman and penguin figurines that, when rotated quickly with flashing lights creates the illusion of animation. There might be something lost in the still shot…IMG_20141002_184736There was a section for interesting animals, too! Check out this baby alligator that you could pet:IMG_20141002_185044Or how about a serval (a large tiger forest cat):IMG_20141002_184751There were some really impressive man-made feats, as well. For example. a large marble maze created entirely with toothpicks:IMG_20141002_183826Of course, being San Francisco, the exhibits wouldn’t be complete without some sort of fog demonstrations. They had a few of these, but one of the coolest ones was the fog tornado:IMG_20141002_200453There were also a lot of exhibits related to perception – both visual, and auditory – though we can only really share the visual ones. One awesome effect let me show you my hand – infinitely!IMG_20141002_193647Last, they also had several exhibits that let you geek out. Takes me back to my college days:IMG_20141002_192905


There were some really cool magic shows and scientific demonstrations throughout the night too, as well as food and liquor stands throughout. It seems like Nowcado could be used to provide an optimized walking plan through the museum while hitting all your desired vendors! Either way, though, definitely a fun event that I encourage you to check out next month if you haven’t been already.










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