21st Amendment #Brewery

As we’ve mentioned before, one type of common non-technical startup that can be found in San Francisco is the independent microbrewery.  Last week we decided to check out one such establishment in SOMA, the 21st Amendment Brewery.  We got there a little early for happy hour, and we wanted to check out the brewery to see the process for ourselves, so we first went to the back and caught a glimpse of several of their signature beers fermenting in the back through a window on the upper floor.IMG_20141002_142510[1]There was also this highly amusing painting hanging on the wall depicting many of the prominent San Francisco independent brewers, vaguely in the style of “The Last Supper.”  It was so wide I couldn’t catch the whole picture here.  The quote hanging on the back wall is the popular misquote of Ben Franklin’s: “Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.”



We did of course sample the local inventions.  Avi wanted to try several of the beers to get a real test of the brewer’s skills, so he got a flight, featuring the flavors of a watermelon wheat ale, a beer infused with red wine, a darker stout with coffee, a belgian golden ale, and a full-bodied Oktoberfest (I got the full version, foreground).

IMG_20141002_143947[1]Overall we were quite satisfied with the selection and the tastes.  It was an excellent precursor to the next restaurant we went to in our excursions throughout the city that day, a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place.  More on that next!



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