Waterfront on #Embarcadero

We thought we would say goodbye to #SanFrancisco in our last few weeks here by walking along the waterfront alongside Embarcadero Highway.  We started down by the Baseball Park and made our way around until we reached the Exploratorium on Pier 15, taking plenty of pictures of boats and bridges along the way.  One remarkable landmark is the kid’s slide inside of the coke bottle on the outer edge of the Baseball Park, next to a giant catching mitt (it looks like leather!).

IMG_20141002_141226[1]Right outside of the park is a major dock with hundreds of boats.  We wondered how often it was that a homerun would sail right onto someone’s deck, only to be found much later.

IMG_20141002_141038[1]Along the way, there was of course the Bay Bridge to Oakland.  (Ben’s fingertips feature prominently in this excursion.)

IMG_20141002_153618[1]And a giant bow and array sculpture, aimed into the ground.  (Pretty skyline, too.)

IMG_20141002_154521[1]On the way home, though, the Bay Bridge is even cooler when its all lit up.  The lights appear to move up and down, or just dripping from top to bottom in an icicle pattern, all the way across.  (Hard to see in a photo.  The lighting globes from the dock in the foreground are a nice touch, though.)

IMG_20141002_221130[1]Overall, it was a fun day, and we’re certainly glad we got the chance to take time out of our busy schedule working on Nowcado to see some of the sights and special landmarks of this city while we’ve been here for the last few months.


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