Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. In case you have any last minute things you need to pick up before the festivities today, be sure to check out Nowcado and see if anything is on sale!

#Teacake Tizzy!

The #British are deservedly known for their longstanding #tea tradition, but with that tradition comes several lesser-known accompanying foods, such as the aptly-named teacake. A teacake in Britain is a sweet roll (with more sugar and rich ingredients than your typical dinner roll) filled with dried fruit, that is served toasted and buttered as a nice complement to your tea. You may have heard of a different variety of teacake before, and that’s because the US and several other countries have their own regional take on what best accompanies tea. Nowcado is partial to a spongecake style. What do you prefer to eat with your tea?


Go #Vote!

Remember to do your #civic duty and vote in the primary #elections by the end of tomorrow if you live in the state of Maryland, or several others (e.g. Colorado, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah). If you live in another state that hasn’t yet had their primary elections, see if your state allows you to vote early or by absentee ballot!


We are sometimes asked what it is like to be an entrepreneur. This has been even more common since the new HBO show Silicon Valley has come out, but contrary to popular belief, it is not quite as glamorous as it may seem. Here is what an actual recent day was like for us:

9:00 AM – Implement filtering functionality on desktop website.
9:15 AM – Fight filtering function because it depends on a REST client library that borks our nested param values. Update API to support flatter params, push patch to production, and use that instead.
10:00 AM – Finish up desktop filtering functions, test, and debug.
11:00 AM – Begin work on iOS filtering. Hit a bug with rendering the headers of our filters too many times.
12:00 PM – Can’t look at this bug any longer. Time for lunch!
12:30 PM – Return looking at iOS bug.
1:00 PM – The bug looks to be a deeply nested issue with a series of libraries we take as dependencies. The fix will take some time.
1:15 PM – 4 PM – Alternate between looking at fixing this bug, taking a look at production, and checking out our usage patterns.
4:00 PM – Looks like new data has come in! Clean up all the newly input data to be consistent.
5:00 PM – Hit another iOS bug where typing in one text field was copying over to another text field.
6:00 PM – Can’t look at this bug anymore. Dinner!
6:30 PM – Have to clean up the way we access the underlying data source to solve the duplicate text field issue.
7:30 PM – Must implement ratings across all iOS item images.
8:00 PM – Check out Android crash reports. A few null pointer exceptions to dig up.
9:00 PM – Fully investigated all stack traces. Fix them over the course of the next hour.
10:00 PM – Time to implement Android filtering.
11:00 PM – Layouts, adapters, and models all implemented. Test it out and look for crashes.
12:00 PM – Filtering functionality seems to be working. Begin mockup for alternative cart items on Android.
1:30 AM – Mockup complete and signed off by team, begin work on implementation.
3:00 AM – Finished initial implementation, but hit a few corner cases where alternatives were being listed when there were none. Have to pre-fetch the data.
4:00 AM – Finished pre-emptive lookup and it seems to be working, but will have to test more tomorrow. Time for sleep, then we start again in a few hours!

Brown Sugar Hack

You can avoid getting specialized brown sugar for yesterday’s drink recipe with this trick. All you need to do is take plain old granulated sugar and add molasses to it. The ratio is approximately 1 tbsp molasses to 1 cup of sugar for light brown sugar, and 2 tbsp molasses to 1 cup of sugar for dark brown sugar or packed brown sugar. Simply mix them together until the ingredients are well combined. This trick can of course be used in any recipe that requires brown sugar.

Hello there

We are starting up blogging again after some time away. We’ve been hard at work on Nowcado, including some major feature updates which you will hear more about in the coming week.

Here are links to our iOS and Android app so that you can get it in case you don’t have it yet. As always, please remember to  drink responsibly, and if you are a UMD student who is caught off campus, remember you can call (301) 314-NITE (6483) if you don’t have a safe ride home.