Go Lady Terps, Beat Tennessee!

Congratulations to the Women’s Basketball team, making it to the Sweet Sixteen yet again!  We’re definitely looking forward to tomorrow and what is sure to be another great game among the several we’ve had against tough competition this season.

Senior Alyssa Thomas is already the highest-scoring player ever in Maryland history, and you know with the team’s depth and a kick-ass coach like Brenda, we can take Tennessee head on.

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March Madness Drinking Game

For those of you watching March Madness (anyone catch that Duke upset?), we found a great game you may want to play. This game is courtesy of www.drinkinggamezone.com.

  • Rules for scoring baskets
    • (1) Drink: When the team you bet against hits a 3-pointer (beer)
    • (1) Shot: For every pretermined amount of points the team you bet against scores [you decide]
  • Drinking rules for fouls
    • (1) Drink: When a player from your team fouls someone
    • (1) Shot: When a player from your team fouls out
    • (1) Shot: When a technical foul is called on a coach, everyone drinks!
  • Drinking for cool stuff occurring
    • (1) Drink: For a good block or steal
    • (2) Drinks: For slam dunks
    • (3) Drinks: for each deep or clutch 3-pointer made
    • (3) Drinks: When players score through a foul (and-one)
    • (1) Shot: For a buzzer beating shot
    • (1) Shot: if someone shoots an air ball or gets rim checked on a slam dunk
  • Drinking when ridiculous sh*t happens
    • (3) Drinks: When an athlete does his bests soccer imitation and flops
    • (3) Drinks: if Dick Vitale rants about anything
    • (1) Shot: If a fight breaks out! (this isn’t hockey but pick a winner)

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