Nick’s Crispy #Tacos

Continuing on our day trip around #SanFrancisco, after happy hour we headed over to a Mexican restaurant we had heard great things about, Nick’s Crispy Tacos.  Upon entering, the tales were true that the place looked like a night club rather than any restaurant, and that’s because its both!

IMG_20141002_164356[1]Apparently the space is shared between an actual bar/club, with all the fancy red decor and chandeliers, and the restaurant occupies one bar in the back, where you can get a full array of the typical Mexican delicacies like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and the like.  Of course, the food is available super late at night as well to cater to all of the night club’s customers, holding such great deals as two tacos for the price of one after 10pm.

IMG_20141002_164410[1]But don’t think that this is typical bar-quality food – they are known for their pescado (fried fish) entrees, heaped with plenty of guacamole, their special aioli-like sauce, cheese, cabbage, rice and all the rest.  On top of that, they also had my favorite Jones root beer on tap!  Avi opted for two pescado tacos, which seemed to come with just as much guacamole piled on top as the entire rest of the taco put together!  Their signature style is to wrap it with a hard corn shell inside of a soft flour shell on the outside.  I got the pescado burrito, and boy did it fill me up!  It came out piping hot, and by the time I reached the end, I could hardly finish the last few bites I was so full.  It reminded me greatly of a typical visit to Chipotle, only that Mexican restaurant doesn’t offer fried fish, and the guacamole is extra.

IMG_20141002_163957[1]For that, I give this restaurant experience major points.  Seems like the perfect club to hang out late at night, if you know you’ll be hungry.