#Tartine #Bakery

As the Nowcado team is now in #SF, we have gotten to enjoy the famous #Mission District food such as that available at Tartine. We tried their morning buns – fantastic!

IMG_20140802_174726As you can see, the place can be hard to find unless you know what you are looking for. Fortunately, there will usually be a huge crowd out front to help guide the way (the mark of a great spot)!




The Nowcado team has temporarily relocated to #SanFrancisco, and as a result, we have learned of a delicious new treat – morning buns!

Morning buns are kind of like a cinnamon roll, except they are made with a croissant dough so they are lighter, flakier, and even more buttery. Think of a cronut, except with a cinnamon roll instead of a donut.


What a great way to start a morning! While we are still fully supporting the Washington, DC area, do look forward to some more San Francisco related posts in the coming days!